Chameleon is a Darwin/XNU boot loader based on Apple's boot-132.


Chameleon 2.3 has been released.


Chameleon 2.2 has been released.

2/1/2013 I'd like to say goodbye and thanks for all the fish.. I don't have time to manage forge anymore or this project. If anyone ever has something important to bring up, please contact me. I can be found on irc/IM/ Those that know know how to find me. Anyway, Take Care. 42


Chameleon 2.1 has been released. You can download it from the Downloads Tab above.

*** Bug Reports ***

When submitting bug reports, please provide

  1. The chameleon version(s) tested.
  2. Hardware Specifications (LSPCI output/ devids/ etc)
  3. The output of bdmesg if you are able to boot to OS X.

Developers cannot track down bugs without the above information, and as such the bug reports will be closed due to insufficient information.

*** Developer NOTE ***

Please follow coding standards when making commits. Any commits deemed to not follow good coding practices will be reverted. If your code must be reverted too many times, commit access will be removed.

*** Developer NOTE ***

== SVN Builds ==

== Translation ==


== Developer News ==

Please login to IRC (irc:// to obtain updates on plans for chameleon. Inactive developers may have their svn access removed without notice. If this is the case, please login to irc.

Before you merge any changes to trunk, please message one of the development team admins on IRC. Failure to comply will result in the changes being reverted and may result in commit access being removed.

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