Issue 109: its working 0x00468086&0xffe0ffff 0x00448086&0xffe0ffff

Reported by mano ranjan, Jul 10, 2011

hi chameleon team.
I need your help get qe/cl for i5 460 m.
its working now nvidia.kexts.
I remove intelgraphics kexts.
0x00468086&0xffe0ffff 0x00448086&0xffe0ffff

I add NVDAGF100Hal.kext and GeForce.kext
My System working good kexts are loading verywill.
Can you add thid id your boot file ple...
More info see hire

Comment 1 by mano ranjan, Jul 11, 2011

I thing only  chameleon team make full support my graphics. ple 
help.lots people need this.

Comment 2 by mano ranjan, Jul 11, 2011

I know you guys busy ple check my link

Comment 3 by Azimutz, Jul 17, 2011

Mano, why are you adding a Intel device id to the nVidia drivers?? 
And how do expect to have acceleration when you delete all Intel 
drivers???... makes no sense to me :P
Anyway, what is the device id of the nVidia card?
The booter already has some dev ids for the 460; need to confirm if 
yours is there or not.

Comment 4 by mano ranjan, Jul 17, 2011

this is only intel hd graphics my cpu is i5 460m
if you add intel hd graphics kexts u will be get no kext load/frese 
your screen.
chech here

Comment 5 by mano ranjan, Jul 17, 2011

its my you r right 460m.

Comment 6 by Azimutz, Jul 17, 2011

OK... your English confuses me a lot; i overseen that 460m is the 
So, your machine only has the cpu embedded Intel graphics??
I don't understand you; use Google Translate and post something that 
we can understand!! That topic of yours is a mess!
Setting the Mac model to MacBookPro8,1 seems to get Intel graphics 
working, at least for some.
Look a what Tablin wrote on this issue:

Comment 7 by Cosmosis Jones, Jul 18, 2011

Look @ issue 99
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