Issue 152: IODeviceTree/platform wrong injection

Reported by THe KiNG, Aug 20, 2011


I've looked in ioreg's since first apple mbp1,1 and i couldn't see 
injected on platform the CPUFrequency and TSCFrequency, only 
FSBFrequency is a must.
I dunno the effect of this so IMHO they should be removed to avoid 
future problems...

Also I see original SMBIOS is saved there too, that is bad, we 
shouldn't play with device tree like this, unless is necessary, like 
boot-log, even this I think it should be an option selectable by 
user with boot flag or other way.

Comment 1 by Kabyl, Aug 20, 2011

What kind of issues is this causing?

Comment 2 by THe KiNG, Aug 20, 2011

Kabyl: I said in the first message that I dunno the effect...

We shouldn't wait to get an issue then fix it.
Is best to stick on what Apple does, especial for lion.

Comment 3 by Kabyl, Aug 20, 2011

Honestly, I really don't see this causing issues in the future, so I 
disagree here.

Comment 4 by Cosmosis Jones, May 5, 2012

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