Issue 154: Verbose mode triggers ignore cache mode on Lion

Reported by Trauma Tron, Aug 21, 2011

Steps to reproduce the problem:

1.Boot a Lion partition with verbose flag (not RAID)

Expected result:

Boot kernel cache file and display verbose kernel log

Actual result:

Chameleon ignores cache and load each extensions one by one before 
loading the kernel... in verbose mode.

Comment 1 by JrCs, Aug 21, 2011

Owner: jrcs

Comment 2 by Cyrus The Great, Aug 21, 2011

UseKernelcache flag did not work with modified kernel
i am using kernel with lapis fix.i put it in Extra folder.
and set UseKernelCache=Yes but every time when booting Chameleon 
load all kext.this problem only occurs with modified kernel.vanilla 
kernel is ok.

Comment 3 by Cyrus The Great, Aug 22, 2011

jus a little edit:
the chameleon only load kernel cache when kernel placed in root 
partition and named as mach_kernel

Comment 4 by JrCs, Aug 22, 2011

@akbar moradi:
"Vanilla" kernel caches was created from vanilla 
mach_kernel files.
If you want to use another Kernel Cache (not Kernel image), you must 
create one with kextcache command and force using it with: 
UseKernelCache=Yes & Kernel Cache=xxxx in your 

Comment 5 by JrCs, Aug 22, 2011

@Trauma and @@akbar moradi: try to use version r1448 or above to see 
why your KernelCache file isn't used

Comment 6 by Cosmosis Jones, Aug 23, 2011

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Status: Accepted

Comment 7 by JrCs, Aug 24, 2011

Status: AwaitingInformation

Comment 8 by Cyrus The Great, Aug 24, 2011

i test the latest realase and.its same as before. i dont have 
problem with verbos mode it work if name the kernel as 
mach_kernel.the main problem is that kernel cahceh only load if your 
kernel name must be mach_kernel.
other thing is perfect.i am also try to specify the kernelcahche 
with this
kernel cache=xxxxxxxxxxxxx
but nothing

Comment 9 by JrCs, Aug 25, 2011

You can use UseKernelCache=Yes and Kernel Cache=xxxxxx where xxxxxx 
is the path to your kernel cache that you have created with 
If it doesn't works please post the bdmesg log as attachement.

Comment 10 by Cyrus The Great, Aug 25, 2011

i do it but load all of the next again this is bdmesg

Comment 11 by JrCs, Aug 26, 2011

@akbar moradi can you test against r1461 with UseKernelCache=Y and a 
"Kernel Cache" entry in your org.chameleon.boot.plist ?

Comment 12 by Cyrus The Great, Aug 27, 2011

its work now but i have one problem kextutilty only create kernel 
cache when a mach_kernel exist in root.
i try to update Kernelcache with kextcache command but i don't know 
how to specify kernel name.
i know this is not the problem with chameleon.

Comment 13 by Cyrus The Great, Aug 27, 2011

thanks JrCS i try your command:
sudo kextcache -system-prelinked-kernel -K /cyrus_kernel
it create kernelcache for my kernel and now work perfect

Comment 14 by JrCs, Aug 27, 2011

Issue fixed by revision r1465
Status: Fixed

Created: 9 years 29 days ago by Trauma Tron

Updated: 9 years 24 days ago

Status: Fixed

Owner: JrCs

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