Issue 157: Feature request: ability to reorder volumes on the boot screen

Reported by neg ev, Aug 24, 2011

Priority: low
Type: Enhancement


I have windows as my first partition and OSX Lion as my second.  
I've set OSX to be the default but I'd really like OSX to be on the 
left instead of the right.  I know this is a trivial change but I 
have OCD and it bugs me that windows is on the left when I hit 

Thanks :)

Comment 1 by neg ev, Aug 24, 2011

Obviously I should have mentioned that I'd like to be able to 
configure the order of the volumes in the boot plist, rather than 
simply swapping the order in the code.  That would be silly :)

Comment 2 by Cosmosis Jones, May 8, 2012

Status: WontFix

Comment 3 by neg ev, May 8, 2012

sad :(

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Status: WontFix

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