Issue 171: Apple logo appears in top left corner of screen with empty Graphics Mode

Reported by lllevelll lllevelll, Sep 2, 2011

With ...1485 & empty Graphics Mode ("Graphics 
@boot prompt or in a *Boot.plist) Apple logo appears in top left 
corner of screen, the rest of the screen is blank 
(black) and no spinner is visible. It can boot however. WTF?

Comment 1 by lllevelll lllevelll, Sep 21, 2011

There should be a generic VGA mode, not VESA. So 3D cards can work 
properly after boot with Chameleon.

Comment 2 by Scott M, Sep 25, 2011

See this issue for more detailed info on this problem:

Comment 3 by JrCs, Dec 14, 2011

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146 - defined in Boot.plist