Issue 172: auto resolution isnot working on intel HD 3000

Reported by mohamed khairy, Sep 5, 2011

auto resolution isnot working on intel HD 3000

is there any fix for it so chameleon boot with full resolution


Comment 1 by mohamed khairy, Sep 8, 2011

this is bdmesg

can be this issue solved ?

thanks :)

Comment 2 by mohamed khairy, Sep 8, 2011

also why chameleon  load all next every time during loading !!

Comment 3 by MacMan, Sep 8, 2011

There is currently no support for the HD 3000 in Chameleon.

Comment 4 by mohamed khairy, Sep 9, 2011

i know that but is there hope for support on future for it

and why chameleon doesnt load kextcache and load all kexts on lion
is wrong from me :(

thanks very much

Comment 5 by Evan Lojewski, Sep 9, 2011

As already entioned, 915resolution does not support the intel HD 
graphics cards. Ass such, you cannot specify an arbitrary 
resolution. You can only specify a resolution that is already 
availaable acording to the video bios.

As far as loading kexts goes, your machine does not have an 
Extensions.mkext file, as such, chameleon cannot load it. Instead 
you have a kernelcache file. This file is *not* loaded by default 
due the files in /Extra/ not being loadable when it is used. If you 
would still like to use it, please use UseKernelCache=y.
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Comment 6 by florin9doi, Jul 25, 2012

The problem it's that the resolutions presents in bios are not read 
correctly by chameleon. The bios has support for many resolutions 
but chameleon show only three. I have attached some images.

Comment 7 by mohamed khairy, Jul 25, 2012


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