Issue 18: ACPI Bug

Reported by THe KiNG, Mar 15, 2010

If no DSDT.aml is found the ACPI fixes like FACP restart fix and 
system-type dosen't work.
Those fixes IMHO should work even there is no need to replace DSDT.

Comment 1 by blackosx, Mar 17, 2010

I am running with Cartri's modified Gigabyte BIOS which allows me to 
run without a DSDT but in this case the bootloader fails to apply 
the restart fix.

So I agree with THe KiNG and I would like the restart fix applied 
when booting without a DSDT.

Comment 2 by blackosx, Mar 22, 2010


You can cancel this request of mine as it won't be needed for use 
with Cartri's modifed BIOS as he hopes to look at modifying the FACP 
table in the BIOS itself without the requirement for modifying 

However, I did go ahead and modify a version of Chameleon to allow 
it to patch the FACP table for the restart fix whilst leaving 
untouched the DSDT Address in the FACP table. This was just for a 
trial for running without a separate DSDT.aml and as far as I can 
tell from checking the results with ioregdumps, everything seems 
just fine and restart works.

I will assign this modification to archive and leave it alone. But 
if anybody wants to see it then just ask.

Comment 3 by valv, Jul 20, 2010

I already got rid of the DSDT dependency on latest commit to my 

Comment 4 by Tamás Kosárszky, Jul 26, 2010

What's the situation using the recent builds?

Comment 5 by Azimutz, Aug 31, 2010

As far as i can see this issue can be closed.
rev 454.

Comment 6 by Cosmosis Jones, Jun 2, 2011

agreed to azimutz
Status: Fixed

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Status: Fixed

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