Issue 186: USB Audio Device Not working with Lion Chameleon

Reported by rockingturtle rockingturtle, Sep 28, 2011

Hey Guys,

I just finished setting up lion on my Acer 5745G and it seems to be 
working real well [main thread :]

For audio, the VHDA is working fine for me for output but I am 
getting a lot of static in the mic, I have tried fiddling with the 
prefpane settings but the noise doesn't go away.

I also have a USB HeadSet which I used when I was on 10.6.4 and it 
worked fine. But I am facing issues in getting it to work in Lion. 
Following are things I did and the results:

1) When I boot the system with USB Audio Dongle connected, its 
detected correctly and I am able to use it [so this implies its 
supported in Lion]
2) When I disconnect the dongle and reconnect it, it doesn't work, I 
installed the USB debug kexts from apple and attached the output [].
3) The dongle is working fine if I connect it to a 10.6 Snow leopard 
Virtual Machine running on Windows 7.
4) The dongle was working fine in 10.6.4, I have an external HDD on 
which I mirrored my 10.6.4 install before installing lion from 
scratch. I created the Lion install USB on the same hdd and upgraded 
the Chameleon Bootloader. Now when I boot it into 10.6.4 using this 
hdd, the dongle shows the same problem as in Lion.
5) All my USB devices are shown as inbuilt in System Information, I 
also have DSDT fixes for them, sleep works fine now.
6) I tried using USBBusFix but that doesn't help.
7) When I connect any other device to the same USB port, it 
functions properly.

USB Kexts:      4.4.0      52 KB      48 KB      
0x5fcf5000      4.4.0      16 KB      12 KB     
 0x56fad000      4.4.0      472 KB      468 KB      
0x57504000      4.4.0      24 KB      20 KB   
   0x5fc85000      4.4.0      208 KB      204 KB     
 0x5ee42000      4.4.0      180 KB      176 KB      
0x5f7ce000      3.9.0      28 KB      24 KB  
    0x5fc7e000      3.0.0      64 KB      60 
KB      0x5ff7e000      4.1.15      16 KB      12 KB      

High level Error Message that I get:

  11.659 [1]	[0x80a0400] The IOUSBFamily was not able to enumerate a 

More detailed output in the attached file.

Any idea what might be wrong ?

My initial thought is that its something to do with chameleon as it 
was working fine earlier in 10.6.4. Stopped working in my cloned 
10.6.4 install when I upgraded the chameleon boot loader. Anyone 
aware of such an issue.

Thanks in advance.

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