Issue 194: UseKernelCach=Yes Not Work ON H65 chipset

Reported by mehran lq, Oct 25, 2011

Hello Programers.
on intel h65 chipset usekernelcache=Yes dont work properly.
when its enable some kext wont load correctly.
please fix it.

Comment 1 by Reinhard Burtschick, Oct 29, 2011

Hi, have this issue, but with a Intel 945GT-Chipset.
Here is is useful to set sdditional the Parameter -v (Verbosemode), 
after this, the KernelCache ist used.
Without -v all Kexts are loaded again and my Boot-Time is around 2 

This is NOT on a P55-Chipset.

Comment 2 by Cosmosis Jones, Nov 3, 2011

if you have kexts in E/E they wont' be in the cache.
And if you really think this is a valid issue report, why not supply 
some more information, such as what kexts won't load/etc
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