Issue 203: Feature Request: Boot to last booted OS

Reported by Mark Whitworth, Nov 17, 2011

Really like your bootloader - thanks so much for the hard work!  
Used to GRUB multiboot my system before adding OSX to the mix.  Miss 
the ability to boot to the last OS booted, which is great for those 
of us that use multiboot machines mainly in a role or two (e.g. 
HTPC) but also need to boot to the other OSes on occasion. Presume 
the flag would have to be set just after selection and before launch 
of selected OS, but I am not a dev.  I know this would be very well 
received.  Thanks again!

Comment 1 by armel cadet-petit, Nov 18, 2011


to do this kind of things, we need something comparable to the nvram 
or any other kind of non-volatile memory,

or we need to have the ability to write to a file from the 

so for now it's purely impossible,


(btw, give me one of those thing and i 'll give you what you asking 
for ;-) )
Status: WontFix

Created: 9 years 15 days ago by Mark Whitworth

Updated: 9 years 14 days ago

Status: WontFix

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