Issue 213: Support for full disk encryption (a.k.a. FileVault 2) in Lion

Reported by Hannah Howard, Jan 16, 2012

After turning on full disk encryption in Lion, system will not boot 
(in Chimera 1.7.0). According to the web, it looks like this is due 
to Chameleon's EFI emulation not allowing you to enter a password to 
unlock the disk when booting. It would be great to add this 
functionality to Chameleon.

Comment 1 by ErmaC , Feb 17, 2012

Try creating the Recovery hd partition.
look like the encryption is also relate with the Recovery 
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Comment 2 by Hannah Howard, Mar 10, 2012

Fyi, i've been looking into it, and it needs more than just a 
recovery partition. the person who seems to be taking a shot at it 
somewhat is someone named RevoGirl - 

the problem is the entire unlocking process happens in EFI, before 
the kernel is loaded. basically, it's whatever logic resides in the 
boot.efi that sits on the recover hd (in 
System/Library/Coreservices). that file loads the login interface 
that lets you type in your password, using images which sit in so 
called .efires files which reside in "Recovery 

it's not enough simply to install a chameleon boot loader on the 
recovery hd-- because currently chameleon can't perform the same 
logic that the boot.efi on the Recovery HD does to perform the 
unlock process. you'd have to add functionality to chameleon to 
completely emulate this process. you'd need to:
1. perform the login by loading the .efires files to create the 
login UI
2. actually use the password to decrypt the CoreStorage volume where 
the actual data lives.

sounds kind of complicated and overwhelming, at least until apple 
releases some data about the CoreStorage format.

Comment 3 by Cosmosis Jones, May 5, 2012

Status: WontFix

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