Issue 240: HardwareUUID changes so that certain system settings reset!

Reported by Bean Cox, Mar 24, 2012

First,I'm curious to figure out why Chameleon showing "Errors 
encountered while starting up the computer." When I look into 
the source, I can only find two appearence with "gErrors". 
One is definition gErrors=FALSE, another is if(gErrors) {***} . I 
just can't work out when and where gErrors change its value to TRUE.
Second, I don't know if the problem above has anything to do with my 
HardwareUUID changes. Once it changes, some system setting reset. My 
launchpad is back to normal.Some input methods I already added can't 
get access directly--I have to manually add them again.
Puzzled. answers appreciated  :D

Comment 1 by Evan Lojewski, Mar 24, 2012

the error() function (like verbose + printf) is where gErrors is set 
to true. This function is defined in i386/libsaio/console.c

error is called in:

I'm sure I missed a few files...

Comment 2 by Bean Cox, Mar 24, 2012

Maybe the gError changed its value to TRUE because of the ntfs.c  
Chameleon also show up  "ntfs_fixup : magic doesn't match : 
00557fff  != 454c4946"
don't know how to solve the problem :(

Comment 3 by Bean Cox, Mar 28, 2012
Maybe it will help ~

Comment 4 by Cosmosis Jones, May 5, 2012

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