Issue 242: @cparm memory allocation error

Reported by Cyrus The Great, Apr 4, 2012

hi i compile your last revision 1916 with xcode 4.1 i get this error 
in boot :
starting chameleon .....
Memory allocation error (0x54c8f8f ,0x37daf )
my system is hp dv6
with intel c2d 2.4 
ati mobility radeon hd 4650

Comment 1 by armel cadet-petit, Apr 5, 2012

hi Cyrus The Great,

you have surely added the gui module in the module dir., but 
unfortunately this module is still not compatible with Xcode4.x 
(clang or llvm) (afaik the gui is the only module that don't work 
with Xcode4.x, so you can test and use any other module compiled 
with clang or llvm)
if you can, compile the project with xcode3.x the gui will work 
fine, or simply remove the gui module

thank for your feedback, feel free to report any other bug that you 
may find :-) ,


Comment 2 by Cyrus The Great, Apr 5, 2012

thanks for your answer:
i dont have xcode 3.2 .
plz can you add a binaries folder to your branche that contain 
latest build .
if you do this really help me and other that have problem like me.

Comment 3 by armel cadet-petit, Apr 6, 2012

ok, i asked to meklort to open a buildbot (for xcode3 only) thread 
for my branch, i have to recontact him but it should be available 

i will provide the binaries on my branch in the next update(i will 
stop once the buildbot will be opened), 

until that, you can download the version attached to this post.


Comment 4 by Cyrus The Great, Apr 6, 2012


Comment 5 by Cosmosis Jones, May 8, 2012

Status: Fixed

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