Issue 244: I3-380M FSBFreq wrong recognition !

Reported by Bean Cox, Apr 20, 2012

I'm here to represent a tiny mistake.
FSBFreq wrong recognition

As every testing software(such as AIDA64)
My CPU FSBFreq should be 133MHz
But Chameleon RECOGNIZE it as 132MHz

I think it's simple to solve.
Looking forward to further revision solving this tiny problem~

Comment 1 by Bean Cox, Apr 20, 2012

Here's part of the bdmesg

Chameleon 2.1svn (svn-r1924) [2012-04-18 12:39:59]
msr(301): platform_info 20011300
msr(305): flex_ratio 00000000
Sticking with [BCLK: 132Mhz, Bus-Ratio: 190]
CPU: Brand String:             Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU       M 380  
@ 2.53GHz
CPU: Vendor/Family/ExtFamily:  0x756e6547/0x6/0x0
CPU: Model/ExtModel/Stepping:  0x25/0x2/0x5
CPU: MaxCoef/CurrCoef:         0x0/0x13
CPU: MaxDiv/CurrDiv:           0x0/0x0
CPU: TSCFreq:                  2526MHz
CPU: FSBFreq:                  132MHz
CPU: CPUFreq:                  2526MHz
CPU: NoCores/NoThreads:        2/4
CPU: Features:                 0x000002ff

Comment 2 by Evan Lojewski, Apr 22, 2012

This is just cosmetic. Chameleon is detecting the cpu frequency as 
2526MHz, that, decided by the multiplier (19) is 132.947, or when 
rounded down, 132.

Internally, chameleon store this as 132947368 Hz which is what is 
added to the device tree and passed to XNU. 

If you really want it to print out with rounding

    DBG("CPU: FSBFreq:                  %dMHz\n",          
 p->CPU.FSBFrequency / 1000000);

could be changed to

    DBG("CPU: FSBFreq:                  %dMHz\n",          
 (p->CPU.FSBFrequency + 500000) / 1000000);
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