Issue 256: PowerColor HD5450 512MB (68E1 1002) in ati.c twice reported as 5430m

Reported by Ross Cavanagh, May 18, 2012

Hi Voodoo team,

I have a problem with a PowerColor HD5450 512MB (DID 68E1 1002)

The card is reported as a 5430m in OSX Lion, this will only allow 
display with the VGA port. 

If you set GE=No then the card will detect as a 5000 series which 
allows the VGA,DVI and HDMI to work.

Looking thought the ATI.c graphics enabler, I can see that my DID is 
listed on two line.

My card DID is listed on line 567 with this info 

0x68E1,␉0x1426103C, CHIP_FAMILY_CEDAR,␉␉"ATI Radeon HD 

as well as on line 592 with this info

0x68E1,␉0x3000174B, CHIP_FAMILY_CEDAR,␉␉"ATI Radeon HD 

Is there anyway to get this to be fixed, so the card can be reported 
as the 5450 and work with all ports?

If you need anymore info, just ask and i'm happy to post. Thanks for 
all your great work.


Comment 1 by MacMan, May 19, 2012

The card is reported twice for a specific reason. They are different 
brands and models. The 1st definition of "0x1426103C" is 
for a HP laptop GPU. The second "0x3000174B" is for a 
Sapphire card. You will even find a third further down that is 
"0x00000000" for generic no specific model support. 

For your card to be reported correctly you will need to provide the 
vendor and model id.

Comment 2 by Ross Cavanagh, May 19, 2012

Hi, thanks for the reply, the vendor Id is 1002 and the device Id 
68E1.As above the card is made by powercolour.  Is this what you 
mean? If not please tell me how to get this info. Thanks Ross

Comment 3 by MacMan, May 19, 2012

You need the subsys_id which is the subsystem id with a manufacturer 
id. You can get that from bdmesg or lspci or under OS X System 
Profiler -> Graphics

Comment 4 by Ross Cavanagh, May 19, 2012

Hi, I hope this is right,

ATI Cedar ATI Radeon HD 5430M 512MB (Eulemur) [1002:68e1] (subsys 
[1787:3000]):: PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1,0x0)/Pci(0x0,0x0)

This was taken from inside OSX with Chameleon Wizard. The card was 
being reported as 5430M. 


Comment 5 by Cosmosis Jones, May 20, 2012

Status: Fixed

Comment 6 by Ross Cavanagh, May 20, 2012


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