Issue 257: Instant reboot after loading kext -ML 10.8

Reported by ping ping, May 20, 2012

Instant reboot after loading kexts when try to boot Mountain Lion 
10.8 DP1/2/3/4. After several reboot, sometimes can boot ML 
successfully but most not. 

Using the boot Rev648 fixed by Netkas can boot 10.8 & 10.7, but 
can not correctly recognize memory speed. Using Rev755 can boot 
without any problems, only missing kernel cache feature.

I wonder why the newly build can not boot ML, but the older ones Rev 
648 & 755 can boot without any issues. It would be very 
appreciated if someone can combine the features of Rev 648 & 755 
above and build a new one for us. I have learnt that many people 
experienced the same issue.


Comment 1 by Cosmosis Jones, May 20, 2012

are you on the trunk?
we are on like rev 19xxx

Comment 2 by Cosmosis Jones, May 20, 2012

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Comment 3 by Cosmosis Jones, May 20, 2012

you have kernel and system kext mismatches . there is no problem 
booting 10.7/10.8 on the current trunk

delete your caches
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Comment 4 by ping ping, May 29, 2012

I downloaded the lastest trunk and compiled on Lion 10.7(because 
Xcode is not installed on 10.8), 

and then deleted /System/Libary/Caches/ of 
Mountain Lion 10.8. 

The kernel is the original kernel installed by DP3(206j now). I did 
not use any other kernel.

Mostly, may be 6 of 10 times, it can boot 10.8 successfully. And 
sometimes, probably 3 of 10, just instant reboot. I tried to boot 
with flags -v -f UseKernelCache=No and even deleted my dsdt,  there 
is no effect. The reboot is so fast that I can not see any useful 
messages on the screen.

As I wrote, the rev.648 fixed by Netkas and rev.755 can boot my 
Mountain Lion 10.8 without any such issues. Since I am not the only 
one who are experiencing this issue(I knew some guys in China), I 
suppose there is a bug introduced in the source after rev.755.

My machine is a HP CQ202 notebook.
GM45/CPU T9400/Memory 4G 800MHZ/Geforce 9200M/Conexant cx20561/WIFI 
BCM94321/BT BCM92070

Thanks in advance.

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