Issue 268: Memory allocation error

Reported by Zascok Zascok, Jun 28, 2012

Is is possible to fix my ATI card issue?
Thank you in advance.

It does not attach files..:(

Comment 2 by Cosmosis Jones, Jul 5, 2012

You are using ermacs branch
do u get the same error on the trunk?

Comment 3 by Zascok Zascok, Jul 6, 2012

Apparently it works fine with trunk (2003).
Thank you!

Comment 4 by ErmaC , Jul 7, 2012

Please post a new bdmesg...
From your working system.


Comment 5 by Cosmosis Jones, Jul 7, 2012

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Comment 6 by Zascok Zascok, Jul 8, 2012

Here is message with trunk 2003
sorry for pictiru quality it boots too fast.
Thank you.

Comment 7 by Cosmosis Jones, Jul 8, 2012

use bdmesg and post that

Comment 8 by Zascok Zascok, Jul 8, 2012

Sorry, but I am not quite clear about bdmesg. I am using boot only 
saved on separate active FAT32 partition not a whole cham package 
installed on 10.X partition.  Can I still get bdmesg dump? Thank you.

Comment 9 by ErmaC , Jul 13, 2012

You can use "Chameleon Wizard" by janek202.
Run it and move into the bdmesg tab.
Copy&paste the bdmesg log here.

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Comment 10 by Cosmosis Jones, Oct 29, 2012

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