Issue 275: custom DSDT not load

Reported by Tablin Arya Juanda, Jul 24, 2012

i try version 2034,

i realize that my dsdt.aml in Extra folder not load

Hardware : Laptop ASUS N43SL with optimus
OS : 10.7.4

i use custom DSDT to disable NVIDIA GT 540M, but now DSDT not load 
and Nvidia is on...

Comment 1 by Evan Lojewski, Jul 24, 2012

You'll either want to remove the ACPICodec.dylib module, ore move 
you *.aml files into /Extra/ACPI/

Comment 2 by Tablin Arya Juanda, Jul 25, 2012

thx for reminding,

sorry i have not read the change in

1- with AcpiCodec all aml files must be placed in /Extra/Acpi/, 
alternate or overridden path is no longer supported	                 
2- the name of the aml file(s) is not important anymore but it must 
contain the extention .aml, for example let suppose that you have 3 
aml files: dsdt.aml, ssdt-0.aml and ssdt-1.aml
you can rename your dsdt file into blablabr.aml, and rename your 
ssdt files into blablablaen.aml and blablablablada.aml, acpicodec 
will auto-magically detect those files as 2 ssdt and one dsdt

i try to put to Extra/ACPI/dsdt.aml doesn't work and then i rename 
the folder to Acpi : /Extra/Acpi/dsdt.aml and the n shutdown and 
start again now my custom dsdt loaded


Best Regards

Tablin Arya Juanda

Comment 3 by Cosmosis Jones, Oct 29, 2012

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