Issue 289: leopard not suported anymore ?

Reported by rafi rafi, Sep 3, 2012

Seems leopard/darwin9 compatibility is breaked, so perhaps it's ok 
and advertised but it's a little inconvenient. Excuse me if it' a 
work in progress but I'm sure we are not a lot to build for leopard 
so I prefer to report it.

From i386/boot2/Makefile : an error related to
`find /usr/llvm-gcc-*/lib/gcc/*/*/ -name \libcc_kext.a`
-> no llvm in leopard

And then :
dyld: unknown required load command 0x80000022
->ld_classic in bin not compatible with leopard I think.

fix:  revert to version 2045 is ok for sure.

Comment 1 by armel cadet-petit, Sep 4, 2012

hi  rafi rafi, did you know that leopard is not supported anymore by 
Apple themselves !-)

the compilation works with at least snow , lion and the most 
important Mountain Lion, it's a good range of support

sorry but it will not be fixed
Status: WontFix

Created: 7 years 11 months ago by rafi rafi

Updated: 7 years 11 months ago

Status: WontFix

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