Issue 298: error during package build

Reported by Bruno Finocchiaro, Nov 6, 2012

Hi project owners!
I always get the following error during the building process:

========= Translating Resources ========
Error: failed to execute 'msgmerge -U po/ar.po po/chameleon.pot 
--lang=ar --previous --backup=none': No such file or directory.

any suggestions?
my sys specs:
osx ml 10.8.2
xcode 4.5.1
Command Line Tools (Mountain Lion)

thanks in advance! ;)

Comment 1 by Bruno Finocchiaro, Nov 8, 2012

any ideas?

Comment 2 by ErmaC , Nov 14, 2012

looks like a GetText error...
Try (if you use MacPort) to update/install this tool.
Anyway this workaround was already discuss at this link:,1521.msg11674.html#ms

Let we know if you "fix" it.

Owner: ifabio

Comment 3 by Bruno Finocchiaro, Nov 14, 2012

"a Fa' sei 'na bomba!!!" :)
thx Fabio, you are great... you're a BOMB! :)
I've upgraded the Macports with this release:

And now, the translating issue at the end of building process 
disappear! ^^

ps I've also installed "gettext" with this command:
sudo port -cu install gettext

thanks a lot Fabio/iFabio/ErmaC
grazie mille Fabio/iFabio/ErmaC


Comment 4 by ErmaC , Nov 15, 2012

Status: Fixed

Created: 7 years 9 months ago by Bruno Finocchiaro

Updated: 7 years 8 months ago

Status: Fixed

Owner: ErmaC