Issue 309: Request: Support for overriding preset Hard UUID.

Reported by David Spinner, Dec 14, 2012

Can we get the ability to set a Hardware UUID Via smbios.plist or 
boot.plist in future releases ?

A Fixed Hardwre UUID is problematic for a few reasons.

1) Some software use the UUID for licencing.
2) Time Machine backups since Snow Leopard, use the UUID to identify 
backups. When backing up 2 Chameleon based machines to a NAS, the 
backups with conflict since they bot show as having the same fixed 
Hardware UUID.

Below is a further comment from user "mandan Singh" in the 
2.1 Release thread.

"You must have observed that with many old (real) Mac pro users 
trying to install OSX 10.8 on unsupported Macs, such users have 
become a fresh group of users for your bootloader. But, we have a 
problem: on boot, we get a fixed hardware UUID. This is not same as 
the Mac’s real UUID (which we can see by booting using a supported 
OSX version); nor can it be set to the real UUID by using SMsystemid 
string within smbios (I tried a few builds of r2.1). This causes 
problems where are licenses are authorised against the real UUID. 
Could you pls see if this UUID can be overwritten using smbios plist 
file or Chameleon can query and use the actual UUID from real Mac 

Comment 1 by giofrida, Dec 15, 2012

You can already do that!
In o.c.B.p:

Insert in the strings your UDID (or take one from
I used this method to get past Waiting for DSMOS in less of 10 
seconds (instead of 30s firstly).


Comment 2 by M H, Dec 19, 2012

No, you can't already do that. If you enter a UUID from a real Mac 
the resulting UUID shown in system profiler will be a different one.

Comment 3 by Viktor Diuk, Dec 29, 2012

Even if we use
the resulting Hardware UUID will be different. This is the problem 
that prevents to connect iMessage.

Comment 4 by L, Jan 1, 2013

Are you sure about that, Viktor?  The issue with iMessage and Hacs 
is that Hacs are sending the login sequence the way it used to work 
in the iMessage Beta.  Now that the iMessage Beta has ended, our 
sessions don't work.

I'm wondering if this should be a new issue of its own or if it is 
something that can be addressed by chameleon at all, I have been 
looking through commits looking for Facetime/iCloud/iMessage changes 
made, but I am not certain what I'm looking for.

There are some end users like myself who have been MITM'ing the 
iMessage connection and registration processes to attempt to see 
where the breakdown is occuring, it doesn't seem to be related to 
client-id or tokens, given that Hacs are getting an error message 
about the Beta being over and our Macs are not.


Comment 5 by eep357, Jan 2, 2013

Can anyone confirm real MacPro that does not support ML also fails 
to log into iMessage when booting via chameleon? Or newer MacPro 
also using chameleon?

Comment 7 by Viktor Diuk, Jan 3, 2013

Yep. I captured outgoing and incoming packets during iMessage 
authentication to Apple Security Server (ASS) and after Mac info 
verification, Apple Sec. Server deny connection.

Comment 8 by L, Jan 3, 2013

not exactly. it says that the iMessage beta has expired, and Hacs 
are doing the login sequence differently than Macs. the root cause 
of that is TBD. 

I haven't seen any evidence of it being denied, just confused by the 
wrong behavior.

Comment 9 by L, Jan 3, 2013

regardless, seems out if scope if the issue isn't due to chameleon. 

Comment 10 by M H, Jan 3, 2013

"1) Some software use the UUID for licencing."

I have a real mac and a hackintosh in different cities. The ability 
to use the real mac's UUID on the hackintosh would help me a lot.

Comment 11 by L, Jan 7, 2013

is facilitating your software piracy a goal of the Chameleon 
developers now?

Comment 12 by M H, Jan 7, 2013

"is facilitating your software piracy a goal of the Chameleon 
developers now?"

Oh, it is software piracy when I use the same software on two 
computers in two different cities? I can't be in two cities at the 
same time and I hate laptops. I could do the hassle with 
unregistering a computer for a license before I drive to the other 
city but not all companies offer a quick way to do it. Also it is no 
fun if you forgot to do it before.

I've bought all the software I am using, maybe if you would have 
also bought a lot of licenses that uses MAC and UUID you would 
realize why it would be good to completely clone a mac. Not all 
companies offer useful things like iLock protection.

BTW the whole hackintosh thing is much more against the Apple EULA 
than using any other software in a way that never runs on two 
computers at the same time.

Comment 13 by Viktor Diuk, Jan 9, 2013

About iMessages fix:
On Clover bootloader people already fixed that with mechanism 

Comment 14 by L, Jan 9, 2013

"Oh, it is software piracy when I use the same software on two 
computers in two different cities?"

Hell if I know, I don't know the license agreement you're under with 
whatever vendors you're complaining about. You bought the software, 
not me.

OS X is licensed to an Apple ID and I'm allowed to install software 
purchased via App Store on all of my computers with that Apple ID in 
my household. If Apple wanted to license OS X to the hardware they 
could, but they didn't.

Your request is explicitly to do an end run around a vendor's 
licensing scheme. Cost of doing business is to buy the tools you're 
using, yes?

Comment 15 by M H, Jan 9, 2013

"Your request is explicitly to do an end run around a vendor's 
licensing scheme. Cost of doing business is to buy the tools you're 
using, yes?"

This is exactly what I did - I bought the tools, that's why I want 
to use them without the need to take a desktop computer with me when 
I am travelling 350km to my other place. The software is licensed to 
my person and not to the computer - as long as I am the only one who 
uses it and as long as I am running the software only on one machine 
at the same time I am acting 100% legal. I have no idea what you 
want. I make my money by developing software, selling music and I am 
working also working in the movie business, my products and those of 
my customers are getting pirated. To think I am a software pirate 
because I support this request is nuts - I am a victim of piracy. It 
only shows that you don't WANT to understand the problem. I've 
switched to clover anyway which supports using a custom UUID and 
I've flashed my NIC, now my machines are pretty identical and no 
need to buy a damned notebook toy to work on it. The problem is 
solved by just not using Chameleon.

Comment 16 by L, Jan 9, 2013

Doesn't sound like the software is licensed to you if they require 
it to be locked to the UUID and/or MAC address now, does it?

It may be *registered* to you but your vendor clearly licensed the 
software for one system or device. You may have a different 
philosophy on what is appropriate for your own software but you're 
kidding yourself if you think your vendor won't think of this as a 
violation of their EULA, who is the vendor of this software, I'll be 
happy to ask their opinion on the matter for you.

Comment 17 by David Spinner, Jan 9, 2013

L... what are you on about ?

"...You agree not to install, use or run the Apple Software on 
any non-Apple-branded computer, or to enable others to do so....

10.7 and 10.8 EULA also say it can only be run on Apple Branded 

Reverse engineering:
"You may not and you agree not to, or to enable others to, copy 
(except as expressly permitted by this License or by the Usage Rules 
if they are applicable to you), decompile, reverse engineer, 
disassemble, attempt to derive the source code of, decrypt, modify, 
or create derivative works of the Apple Software or any services 
provided by the Apple Software, or any part thereof (except as and 
only to the extent any foregoing restriction is prohibited by 
applicable law or to the extent as may be permitted by licensing 
terms governing use of Open-Sourced Components"

M.H. evidently uses his legitimately purchased software on 2 
different machines in different locations, simply becuase the 
manufacture doesn't have the brains to use iLOCK or some other 
portable authentication....

and you find that bad.. when working on a project that is 
specifically designed to break the Apple EULA ?

He says he trying to follow the intent of the software licensing for 
his tools, unlike all the hackintosh users.

Really ?? Thou dost protest too much

Comment 18 by M H, Jan 9, 2013

Actually since the newest version the main software I am using 
allows to quickly unregister a machine without mailing to the 
support anymore by just pressing a button. But the problem still 
exists when you forgot to do it because you was in a rush to get to 
the train. They also never had any problems to do it manually from 
their side when I called them so I don't think it sounds like the 
software is licensed to the machine, hard drive or whatever - is it 
as any software licensed to a person, the license usually contains a 
"one seat" limitation, this limitation means don't run two 
copies of it at the same time on two different machines (which would 
be useful for rendering for example, which is not my business), 
they've licensed the software USE it. They just don't want two 
different persons using the same license with or without a trick at 
the same time.

Comment 19 by David Spinner, Jan 9, 2013

I find funny when you said.. cost of doing business...

Well then... Tell the 99% of the Chameleon users to get a real the ones I, and evidently M.H., use.

M.H. Thanks for the info about Clover.. 
If that works.. then someone can delete this "issue".
No need to bother with Chameleon.

Comment 20 by David Spinner, Jan 9, 2013

M.H  Yeah.. I've had the same issue.. Spending half the afternoon on 
the phone with tech support getting a license tranferred and then 
back again.

If the developers had any brains the'd all switch to something like 

Comment 21 by L, Jan 9, 2013

Just to be clear, I don't "work" on anything that is 
designed to break or violate an EULA. 

The only reason I even said anything was because I felt like there 
should be a better use case than cloning the identity of a system to 
run software licensed for it.  

I can appreciate the distinction, but don't forget that people use 
Chameleon to run Mac OS X on Apple hardware that is no longer 
supported by the vendor, ask anyone with a MacPro1,1 that uses 
Mountain Lion.

Comment 22 by eep357, Jan 9, 2013

This board is for reporting issues with current bootloader. Which 
iMessage not working can be considered an "issue". Asking 
for new features is to bring a new functionality that was not 
already present should be addressed elsewhere.

Comment 23 by L, Jan 9, 2013

> I find funny when you said.. cost of doing business...

I think anyone using a Hackintosh for business purposes is an idiot. 
 There is no expectation of support for them and I don't have any 
sympathy for people using them for critical functions.  

I have no problem telling people to buy a Mac if they want something 
supported and above-board.

Comment 24 by M H, Jan 9, 2013

"I think anyone using a Hackintosh for business purposes is an 

I guess in this case it is fine and fair to say "I think you 
are an idiot L", right?

Comment 25 by David Spinner, Jan 9, 2013


I started this issue becuase of melkort's post on this page:

which specifically said to come and post here.

Evidently meklort is a part of the dev team, so I just did what he 

If you wish to delete this issue.. feel free.
Sorry for any confusion.


Comment 26 by L, Jan 9, 2013

If I were relying on a Hackintosh for my business.  
, yes, MH, it would be fine and fair to say that I'm an idiot by my 
own definition.

But since I'm not a window-licking dunce, I don't. You must be a 
very good developer.  I expect great things from you some day.

Comment 27 by eep357, Jan 9, 2013

It's fine until it starts turning into a debate, which I'm sure all 
can agree is best suited for the message boards, if anywhere.

Comment 28 by Evan Lojewski, Jan 9, 2013

After looking at the kernel source code, if the 
/options/platform-uuid is specified and the /efi/platform/system-id 
option is not, the system will use the specified uuid. 

This should be doable via chameleon.

This site is for bug report / feature enhancements, please try to 
keep on topic. I will remove this report if your discussions 
continue here. You may however open a discussion on
Labels: Type:Enhancement Type:Defect
Status: Accepted
Owner: meklort

Comment 29 by David Spinner, Jan 9, 2013

Yay... I love it when adults act like children.

FYI to Chameleon devs...

A) I'm switching to Clover because it already supports this.
B) Delete this issue if needed. Some users can't see to act like 
C) Disable my account please. I have already changed the associated 
email account to a disposable one so i will no longer receive emails

Thanks for you efforts !

Comment 30 by Dean Burchell, Jan 19, 2013

As I'm only an end-user and not part of the developer community I'm 
sure this comment carries little weight but I would sincerely 
appreciate it if any progress could be made that would help out us 
"older" Mac users installing 10.8.   The discussion here 
seems to be the only one in existence concerning non-Hackktosh users 
and the iMessage login issue.

Please don't delete this feature enhancement thread yet?

Comment 31 by Evan Lojewski, Jan 19, 2013

Once the imessages fix in out, this should be supported with it with 
minimal modification.

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