Issue 365: SystemId boot option removed in commit 2284

Reported by blackosx, Jan 11, 2014

I see in commit 2284, the systemID boot option was disabled?

Is there now an alternative option where I can set this?

Comment 1 by blackosx, Jan 11, 2014

^^ should read SystemId and not SystemID

Comment 2 by ErmaC , Jan 11, 2014

Take a look at line 52 of smbios.c
And you can set it on Extra/smbios.plist


Comment 3 by blackosx, Jan 11, 2014

That works. Thanks Fabio

I see there have been quite a few recent updates, which is good, and 
I know everyone is busy, including me, but can the recent updates be 

I'm thinking of these two files

I know this isn't the place for discussion so I'm not expecting an 
answer here. I'll check out the forge/InsanelyMac when I get time :)

I've closed this ticket.
Labels: Component:Docs Type:Defect Priority:Critical
Status: Fixed

Comment 4 by ErmaC , Jan 11, 2014

You are more than welcome to update it.
Also you have write access to the SVN.. so when you find time...



Comment 5 by blackosx, Jan 11, 2014

Okay. Fair one ;)

I've updated CHANGES and BootHelp with the only change that I'm 
currently aware of.

Comment 6 by ErmaC , Jan 11, 2014

Thx again Black Osx.

I will add the rest of changes into CHANGES late.



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