Issue 368: Related to issue 355 . . .

Reported by Rodger Jachim, Feb 12, 2014

I need help with this issue and I'm afraid I've tried to interpret 
what you've put here.

I have a netbook running Mountain Lion apparently. What I have is a 
boot screen with " Darwin/x86/ boot v5.0.132 - Chimera v1.11.1 
r1394 "

When I try to boot it it gives me this incorrect header issue. 
Please help.

Comment 1 by ErmaC , Oct 7, 2014

Owner: macman

Comment 2 by MacMan, Oct 7, 2014

Closed as this version is old and has been superseded by newer 

Comment 3 by MacMan, Oct 8, 2014

Status: WontFix

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