Issue 382: Fix FAT32 broken in "general update"

Reported by bltz, Nov 3, 2014

The attached patch reverts a change that broke reading FAT32 files 
from the EFI System Partition and allows booting from the ESP with 
latest version again.

Since r2327 Chameleon was freezing while reading files from the ESP. 
It took me a while to identify this change that caused this problem 
because it was hidden in that huge general update commit. The change 
does not seem to fix any warnings either so I'm not sure why it was 
made. I suggest not to mix formatting changes with other changes to 
avoid breakage like this.

Comment 1 by ErmaC , Nov 3, 2014

The take yor time to looking into this.

I will apply your findings
Status: Accepted

Comment 2 by bltz, Nov 3, 2014

There's no more time needed. The attached patch fixes it for me so 
you can apply it now. This issue is not really a bug report but a 
patch submission as I don't know any better way for that.

It was just time consuming to find it due to the huge commit this 
was part of together with mostly formatting changes. It's better to 
commit formatting changes separately from other changes so it's 
easier to find the bad change if something breaks.

Comment 3 by ErmaC , Nov 3, 2014

Status: Fixed

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Status: Fixed

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