Issue 389: nvidia.c missing GeForce GT 730 [10de:1287]

Reported by Konstantinos Giannakas, Mar 3, 2015

Hello to the chameleon team,

I have just purchased a new GFX card but doesn't seem to be 
recognized by latest Chameleon r2584 that I just compiled 
successfully from SVN.

Motherboard is Gigabyte GA-P55M-UD4 with Core i7-890 (old stuff, I 

Previously used "Gainward GeForce 9500 GT" [10de:0640] 

Replaced with new "PNY GeForce GT 730" (NV106) [10de:1287] 
fanless/silent with 1GB DDR3. Apparently it uses the Kepler GK208 

Cannot find this 0x10DE1287 reference in nvidia.c

If you think this card is working normally, kindly add it in the 
list. I am not sure if natively supported by 10.8.5 or 10.9.5 but I 
am available to provide any information needed.

I tried injecting info in DSDT and using GraphicsEnabler=No or 
nvda_drv=1 but no success, so I am not sure yet.

Otherwise I must put it on eBay ASAP :)

Many thanks.

Comment 1 by ErmaC , Mar 14, 2015

{ 0x10DE1287,␉"GeForce GT 730" }, // GK208

Is already there from commit 2396

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Comment 2 by ErmaC , Apr 16, 2015

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Comment 3 by Konstantinos Giannakas, Apr 21, 2015

Thank you ErmaC for the confirmation and for finding the commit 

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