Issue 401: clang compilation fix

Reported by cmf _, Aug 14, 2015

clang (3.7 / xcode 7.0) errors on compiling interrupts.c

* removed __builtin_unreachable as these are redundant in a noreturn 
function and apparently invalid inside a "naked" function

* ReadPic/WritePic inline assembly uses "N" constraint 
which requires a constant expression (which int arguments aren't) 
-> use macro voodoo instead, not the nicest way of doing this, 
but I don't see another way

Comment 1 by cmf _, Aug 14, 2015

that being fixed, I'm still unable to boot with a self-compiled boot 
binary (10.11 - can't confirm/deny others). compared it against the 
working one in the insanelymac forum post and boot0 and boot1h are 
identical, but my boot file is 4k smaller (which may or may not be 

other issues during build:
* ld: warning: object file (.../lots-of-this.o) was built for newer 
OSX version (10.11) than being linked (10.5) // also 10.6
* ld: warning: option -no_dependent_dr_info is obsolete and being 
* ld: warning: -segaddr __INIT not 4096 byte aligned
* ld: warning: -segaddr __TEXT not 4096 byte aligned
* ld: warning: -segaddr __DATA not 4096 byte aligned

Comment 2 by ErmaC , Aug 20, 2015

Hi cmf_
The for the compiling fix for the new clang.
I will test as soon as I can and will be merge to main code.

For 10.11 we are working (Insanelymac) to improve and clean the 
If you are interested contact me @IM -> ErmaC

The code for 10.11 will be merged from Enoch to Chameleon
After the official release of El Capitan...
The things are to volatile ATM...

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Comment 3 by ErmaC , Aug 25, 2015

Merged in Chameleon main trunk code commit 2756

Status: Fixed

Created: 5 years 8 months ago by cmf _

Updated: 5 years 7 months ago

Status: Fixed

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