Issue 46: improve detecting cputype

Reported by Dreamwatcher, Nov 21, 2010

i use Xeon L3416. L3416 is LGA1156 Lynnfiled Quad-Core Xeon, is not 
Core i7.i want to improve detecting cpuype.

# sysctl machdep.cpu.brand_string
machdep.cpu.brand_string: intel (R) Xeon(R) L3416 @ 1.87GHz

- smbios_patcher.c

case CPU_MODEL_FIELDS: // Lynnfield, Clarksfield, Jasper
	if (strstr(Platform.CPU.BrandString, "Core(TM) i5"))
		return 0x601; // Core i5
	if (strstr(Platform.CPU.BrandString, "Xeon(R)")) // 
Lynnfiled Quad-Core Xeon
 		return 0x0501;   // Lynnfiled Quad-Core Xeon
 	return 0x701; // Core i7

Comment 1 by Cosmosis Jones, Jun 2, 2011

umm.. not using that file anymore and if it's still busted please 
reopen referring to trunk.
Status: WontFix

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Status: WontFix

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