Issue 6: Nvidia GT240M works on the first boot but any other try brings up system to halt

Reported by Artimess Birjandi, Jan 31, 2010

I used the latest versio of  RC4 with Graphic Enable option in boot 
list.  The very first boot after installation goes extremely well, 
the card is recognized and QE/CI works fine.
However, if I reboot system, then  everything goes  crazy, it takes 
more than 10 minutes to get screen paited, and it is impossible to 
even click a window or application.  The only way is to force 
Platform is an Acer 7738 with Nvidia GT240M with 1mg buffer.
I am willing to test for you on this platform if necessary.
Hope you could help.
Thanks in advance,

Comment 1 by Pradeesh, Jan 31, 2010

Hi there , can you give us more details about your GM240. An ioreg 
output would be useful. Kindly include output from 
IORegisteryExplorer (you may google it for the software or install 
the latest Xcode that came along with snow leopard) and then attach 
it here. Alternatively you may attach your nvcap.

It would be pretty good if you can give us more details about your 
setup , kexts which you have used and stuff

Comment 2 by Artimess Birjandi, Jan 31, 2010

Here Is Ioreg when Graphic Enabler is not active, meaning I did not 
put it in
I do not know how to generate nvcap, tell me how please, I would do 
I am trying to reinstall SL so that I can get the ioreg when it 
Onething I noticed, the correct functioning happens only with fresh 
install, that is when one has to go through registration stuff.  

Comment 3 by Artimess Birjandi, Jan 31, 2010

Here is my second attempt to get you ioreg dump, hope it works

Comment 4 by Artimess Birjandi, Jan 31, 2010

Hi Pradeesh,
Here is the ioreg after the very first boot with GraphicsEnabler in
Also I am enclosing the information on the card from PCI section of 
About Mac.
When I do not use GraphicsEnabler this info is not present.
Looking forward for your input.

Comment 5 by Artimess Birjandi, Feb 4, 2010

Any news on this bug?  Any suggestions to be tried?

Comment 6 by Cosmosis Jones, Jun 2, 2011

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