Issue 81: Reboot on Samsung N510 (Intel Atom)

Reported by Joe Butler, May 29, 2011

Reboots after the spinning line. This issue was not present in 
previous builds before 750 but present from 801 onwards.

Comment 1 by Joe Butler, May 30, 2011

With the latest boot file it now reads the kext cache then hangs 
with a black screen where it should start to boot. (921)

Comment 2 by Cosmosis Jones, Jun 2, 2011

Fixed insta-reboot on Atom cpu's - MSR 0x35 does not exist, which 
causes an interrupt to run, and since we don't have an idt 
installed... instant reboot. TODO: add an idt, would make debugging 

So this only fixed part of it?
Have u tried trunk again (at rev 943)

Please let us know if it still fails

Comment 3 by Cosmosis Jones, Jun 2, 2011

Owner: meklort

Comment 4 by Joe Butler, Jun 3, 2011

Still reboots with 943 and 945, Must me something specific with my 

Comment 5 by Cosmosis Jones, Jun 3, 2011

can u attach full bdmesg from a boot, ioreg (assuming rev <=750)

and i'm assuming it still works w/ rev <750

Comment 6 by Joe Butler, Jun 4, 2011

Im sorry but how do I find this?

Comment 7 by Joe Butler, Jun 4, 2011

Ok I have fixed the issue. There was a conflict with 
Netbookinstaller. Once removed it booted with 947 fine. Thanks for 
your help and keep up the good work! :)

Comment 8 by eps eps, Jun 4, 2011

It's conflict with GUI.dylib and make system reboot.
I hope there is a working KernelPatcher.dylib with trunk build.

Comment 9 by Evan Lojewski, Jun 4, 2011

The current patcher should work fine with trunk.
Status: Invalid

Comment 10 by Cosmosis Jones, Jun 4, 2011

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