Issue 93: patch kernel not work in 10.6.8

Reported by Cyrus The Great, Jun 20, 2011

patch kernel lapic fix in chazi branche not work with 10.6.8 update 
and get lapic error even with i386 arch.

Comment 1 by Evan Lojewski, Jun 21, 2011

The kernel patcher is not supported by the chameleon team, and the 
code also will bot be making it into chameleon trunk. If you have an 
issue with the kernel patcher you should be contacting the author 
directly (that'd be me). 

On a side note, I am almost done modifying the kernel patcher so 
that this won't be an issue anymore.
Status: Invalid

Comment 2 by Azimutz, Jun 22, 2011

Nicely done Evan!

Created: 9 years 8 months ago by Cyrus The Great

Updated: 9 years 8 months ago

Status: Invalid

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