Issue 94: Wrong loading legacy kexts.

Reported by Janek k, Jun 23, 2011

Hello. I have a problem with some legacy kexts on latest revs of 

The problematic kext is AnyCardReader (kext that injects custom 
DevID into AppleUSBCardReader.kext, so I can see icon of the SD card 
instead of generic drive etc.). 

I'm sure that it's related with chameleon.

The latest build that this kext works is 936. From 937 id works 

I'm quite sure that it has connection with "Cause /Extra/ 
drivers to be loaded last. This should take care of dependency 
issued" added in 937.
I think that's the reason why some kexts stopped working. First 
generic apple kexts are loaded instead of specific with injected 

Maybe simple new boot parameter could help, something like 

My friend has the same issue with OrangeIconFix.

In the attachment I send some screenshots and IOReg dumps.

Comment 1 by Azimutz, Jun 24, 2011

Hi Janek... try r1052; i reverted the gHaveKernelCache and 
LoadDrivers related changes. Anyway, it's useless atm; kernelcache 
stuff needs kernelpatcher and loading /Extra later doesn't resolve 
any dependencies (tested by me).

Let me know if it fixes the problem...
Status: Accepted

Comment 2 by Janek k, Jun 24, 2011

It works correctly now (rev 1052).

Thank You very much!

Comment 3 by Azimutz, Jun 24, 2011

Ok... thanks for the feedback :)
I'll check with Meklort about this later... leaving issue open for 

Comment 4 by Evan Lojewski, Jun 25, 2011

Janek, would you please upload a copy of the legacy kext that 
stopped working?

This may be an issue with the way the plist was designed and not and 
issue with the change.

Comment 5 by Janek k, Jun 25, 2011

Sure. In the attachment AnyCardReader, and my legacy kext that 
contains 4 legacy kexts.

I think the problem is that it injects my custom DevID. I think if 
/S/L/E kexts are loaded first, original USBCardReader won't be 
loaded, because it's devId doesn't match my reader's. If /Extra 
kexts are loaded first, It will have injected my card reader's DevID 
and it will be loaded.

Comment 6 by Azimutz, Jun 25, 2011

Evan, all i can guarantee about these changes is that, loading S/L/E 
first didn't resolved any dependencies on my setup; i still had to 
keep dependencies on E/E.

Comment 7 by Evan Lojewski, Jun 25, 2011

Alright, I haven't looked into it yet, working on a few other things 
at the moment.

Comment 8 by Evan Lojewski, Jul 18, 2011

Labels: Target:2.0

Comment 9 by Cosmosis Jones, Jul 18, 2011

Owner: meklort

Comment 10 by Evan Lojewski, Jul 25, 2011

Since the code was reverted a while ago, I'm closing this issue.
Status: Fixed

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