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tree Chazi 9 years 5 months 1047 azimutz: Mostly, the getc --> getchar changes. It's getting impossible to merge trunk changes to this folder in a productive way, due to too many style edits (for readability; the noob here gets confused with some styles/messes) and tidy up, comments, reminders, etc...
tree trunkAutoResolution 9 years 5 months 1039 azimutz: Sync with trunk (r1038).
tree trunkGraphicsEnablerModules 9 years 5 months 1040 azimutz: Sync with trunk (r1038). Add to ati.c the dev id's from issues #88 --> 91.
blob BRANCH_README.txt 9 years 5 months 964 azimutz: Adding BRANCH/FOLDER_README.txt to the branch and sub folders. 129 bytes

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