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Source at commit 1127 created 9 years 2 days ago.
By cparm, cleaned again + doc update.
tree branches 9 years 2 days 1127 cparm: cleaned again + doc update.
tree tags 9 years 2 days 1117 meklort: Backup copy of 1116 before I breka the giu, plists, and command line in trunk.
tree trunk 9 years 2 days 1123 azimutz: Temporary (i think) fix for Boot.plist loading: on options.c, call loadChameleonConfig() instead of loadSystemConfig(). Add missing bt(0,0) path to loadChameleonConfig(); needed to load the file from dedicated booter partitions, e.g. ESP*, usb drive, etc... *EFI system partition

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