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1- Added About Dialog, made the displayed version numbers all rely on the info.plist file
2- Fixed refresh and on checked associated button state, made sure the string is disabled if value is 0
3- Fixed crash when using swap hd 0<->2
4- Added a new option type (OptionFileString) that features an open dialog box to open files
5- Added few Combo boxes to simplify text inputs
6- Added Missing ForceHPET option and Theme options
7- Added a new SMBIOS panel only opening a file (in construction)
8- Added new EFI Injection panel
9- Added PciRoot, GUI boot options
10- Added scrax to credits: thx for testing the Chameleon PrefPane!
11- Create a makebin script (to enhance) that creates zip archives and sets a version
12 in the bin dir
13- Fixed default value to Yes not included in the boot config would not be checked
14 by default in interface
15- Added RestartFix boot option
16- Added forceBootConfigPath to the tabview panel for quicker setup, so now no
17 need to edit the preferences file manually.
18- Added SystemId
19- Added full bootOptions loading into the interface with no custom code needed,
20 all loading features are implemented in base class PreferencesControllerBase,
21 with the automatic parser engine.
22- Implemented the bootOption automatic and generic parsing engine.
23 Now any option is parsed from bootFile automatically (incl. defaults)
24 thanks to the underlying engine based on a dynamically constructed
25 id to desc map and also to the group panel registration init process
26- Fixed dmg archives would appear in dynamic partition listing
27- Added FREEZE (lock) features, see README.
28- Refined cosmetics for the GUI
29- Added images icon on the first column of each partition entries
30- Added APSL and README for instructions
31- Added swap disk (01 and 02) fixes
32- Added Rename and Hide display from bootConfig
33- Fixed 10.5 and 10.6 would crash because of memory references erased
34- Added more bootConfig paths and an option to force it
35 (i.e:if not found automatically)
36- Added new paths for bootConfig search now looking in this order:
43- Change the restart by replacing the internal reboot shell cmd by an applescript
44 eq. to the AppleMenu/Restart command
45- Fixed nib file loading and initialization problem, possibly fixes the lock pb as well?
46- Added Apple_Free filter to filter these free partitions

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Revision: 1382