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Source at commit 189 created 9 years 4 months ago.
By zef, Moved the stack to 0x1000:FFF0. Actually the area between 0x10000-0x20200 is unusued.
tree andyvand 9 years 7 months 142 andyvand:
tree autoResolution 9 years 8 months 137 diebuche: verbose -> PRINT, new autores_dbg make option
tree blackosx 9 years 4 months 180 blackosx: Revised the rollover theme functionality as it was drawing both the normal device image as well as the rollover image. Added Conti's fix for overcoming potential deadbeef error due to invalid specified resolution.
tree JrCs 9 years 8 months 126 jrcs: Removed ascii_hex_to_int() using strtoul instead
tree meklort 9 years 6 months 167 meklort: Added commpage panic removal patch
tree prasys 9 years 10 months 65 prasys: Updated ati stuff from netkas' PC_EFI 10.6 (merged his changes of adding support for Radeon 4300 , 4600 series )
tree rek_obsolete 9 years 9 months 102 rekursor: Obsoleted my branch that was just a start of andy's code refactoring.
tree rekursor 9 years 9 months 108 rekursor: Recreated my branch for more non trivial changes.
tree valv 9 years 4 months 178 valv: forgot to add cparm to credits file. sorry

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