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1TODO List for Chameleon Boot Loader
4- Try to sync our prf() with the apple/mach __doprnt() (in Xnu/osfmk/kern/printf.c) to normalize the formating in our printf, sprintf, etc ..., and facilitate bug fixes (almost done !!)
6- split nvidia, gma and ati code into separate modules
7- move device_inject, MBR (OSX works better on Guid partition theme anyway), winfs, bsdfs, ext2fs, befs, and the command lspci, memory, more and video into modules
8- Implement a pool allocator, so each module will run and allocate memory in there own pool, de-alloc all allocated memory by the module,
9 will be done simply by destroying the pool
11- implement cpu topology
12- Backport cconfig from the trunk
13- update cpu_intel_amd
14- Implement a Host like in bits to avoid some return issues
16- update project with corehash
18NOTE: It seems that nvram variables must be set thru efiRuntimeServices->SetVariable(...),
19 then, the /options node is filled by kernel depending on the Runtime Services.
20 If true, this requires a more complete EFI implementation (perhaps in a module, or a kext).
22- Make an OS X server icon for LoginToLion

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