Chameleon Svn Source Tree


1- security fixes in printf.c
2- Fixed a weird bug in boot arguments that could prevent 10.8 to boot
4- security, stability, bugs fixes
5- moved __doprnt to the xnu version
7- security and stability fixes
8- Fixed a bug where prf may return a wrong string len (for ex : in the previous versions newStringWithformat("%02x%02x%02x%02x%02x%02x",101,117,104,113,103,100) may not return the entire string)
9- Fixed a bug in xml.c
10- Fixed a bug in device_inject.c (inspired from the dmazar's patch)
13- security and stability fixes
14- Removed useless codes in efistring modules
15- Fixed bugs related to device_inject.c
16- Fixed bugs related to device_tree.c
17- Fixed bugs related to hfs.c
18- Fixed a bug in the booterlog introduced in the previous version
19- Fixed a bug in randomTheme intoduced in the previous version
20- Added LoginToLion Cub Devices (credit to Enzo)
23- security and stability fixes
24- Improved Xcode4.3+ and clang compatibility
25- Fixed a bug in device_inject.c
26- Updated uthash, utarrey, etc ... to v1.9.6
27- Replaced arc4random by the freebsd version (found in darwin's libc)
28(also Removed others random generators since the pseudo-random generator now work perfectly )
29- Implemented gettimeofday taken from libpayload
30- finaly back to safe_malloc
31- Sync'd the cpu legacy method to the trunk
33- Implemented the Runtime Bundles Modules
34- Updated nvidia and ati device id
35- Small security fixes
37- Stability fixes
38- Added mountain lion auto_installer compatibility
39- Changed md5c.c to the Xnu's md5.c
41- Added a dirty workaround to selectBootVolume (still need more investigations to find out what happening exactly during the bvchain construction, and how the h... the loop can stop with gcc)
43- Improved Xcode4.3+ support
45- Sync'd LoginToLion with the last Enzo's update (want more about LoginToLion ? please follow or participate to this thread :,2125.0.html)
46- fixed some bugs
47- Added an option to change the acpi detection method (only for acpi 64 users)
48- Updated amlsgn with more cocoa
50- Many security and bug fixes and improvements
51- Added a workaround for some machines that was unable to enter to the startup options during the countdown
52- Implemented a new environment platform
53- Added mountain lion support
54- Improved Xcode4 support (GUI still work only with Xcode3)
56- Added mountain lion icons for the default themes and LogintoLion (credit to Blackosx)
57- Added cpu_intel_amd.c (not by default, you need to edit the makefile in the libsaio directory to compile it)
58- Implemented a stack_protector (seems to work)
59- Sync'd libsa with Xnu
60- Removed lcc_kext dependency from the make file
61- Fixed some bugs
63- Updated the default theme to v 1.1 (credit to blackosx)
64- Updated LogintoLion with he haiku device logo (credit to blackosx)
65- Update for the gui
66- Chameleon can now boot the Lion Auto-Installer partition (additionally, on a GPT disk this enable the option "Localize my Mac" of iCloud)
67- Added a first version of amlsgn (NOTE: This tool can can sign an aml file for your machine (with the UUID) or for your machine model, this can be useful
68 with multiple machines w/o an identical model, combined with acpicodec and the option "LoadSignedAmlOnly", you can make sure that Chameleon will load the
69 good aml files for your machine (even if you have for example about 50 dsdt files named differently in your Acpi directory and each one for a different machine) )
70- Applied Guerrero's patch on gui.c (
71- Added a theme compatible with the OS detection/Volume feature (credit to Enzo for LoginToLion, see for more.)
72- Fixed a mistake with the smbios.plist loading process
73- Reworked the OS detection/Volume (NOTE: now embedded into the core and executed much earlier )
76- Added Haiku support (credit to scorpius)
77- Added EXFAT (FAT64) support (credit to dmazar)
78- Added JrCs fixes (see trunk v1716 v1719)
79- Gui can now detect the darwin version of each volumes
80- Applied some underthehood fixes and enhancements
82- Added an option to the check Oem revision of aml files, can be useful with multiple machines (a command line tool able to patch the aml files will be available soon)
83- Improved smbios support for some Intel Xeon models
84- BETA : Sync'd ati engine with the trunk
86- Small security fixes
87- Added a mechanism to strip the madt table
88- Ported the serial number randomizer to smbiosgetters,
89 Warning: smbiosgetters (and also the Gui module) still don't work when built with Xcode4.
91- Implemented a serial number randomizer in smbiospatcher
92(can be useful for icloud registration problems, especially when the serial number is already used by another machine,
94DISCLAIMER: Please read the iCloud License ( carefully before using this option.
95By using this option, you are agreeing to be bound by
96the terms of the iCloud License ( If you do not or cannot agree to the terms
97of the icloud License (, please do not use this option.
101- Chameleon (or at least this branch) can now boot OSX on Parallels Desktop 7, with full acpi and smbios support
102 (note: you will need to embed at least acpicodec and smbiosgetters since virtual machines don't like our module system),
103 see this vid ;-) :
104- Added a mechanism to boot the real Lion installer partition (with baseSystem.dmg as root device), you will just need to edit the kernelcache
105 for you platform, step 2 of the installation process (booting from the kernelcache in the "Mac OS X Install Data" folder) is still in progress
107- Added a simple mechanism to embed a module into the core of the bootloader (useful for virtual machines
108 or for modules not yet compatible with xcode4), see internal_modules.h for more info.
109- Added JrCs's Keylayout support in Keymapper
110- Fixed an issue in AcpiCodec where the highest cpu frequency may not be added in the pstate package on some configurations
111- Improved detection of nb of core(s) and thread(s) for AMD processors
112- Updated keymapper ...
113- Applied scorpius's patch (to get an unstretched boot screen for nVidia cards on DVI) in boot0.s , disabled by default,
114 see -,2158.msg10345/boardseen.html#new - for more info.
115- Applied Vladimir Zidar's hibernate patch on hibernateEnabler.
116- Applied "Intel HD Graphics 3000" patch to gma.c (credit: ???) ,
117 found at - -
118- Added AMD support (most of the code is derived from the trunk, MUST BE ENABLED BY HAND IN CPU.C) see - -
119- Improved Core Ix support in AcpiCodec
120- Improved c-states support in AcpiCodec
122- Sync'd nvidia.c and gma.c (see GraphicEnabler module) to the trunk
123- Improved compatibility with xcode4 (afaik only the modules gui and smbiosgetters will not work with xcode4, even if they are built without any errors)
124- Applied JrCs's path for more protection against buffer overflow in some case (trunk v1449)
125- Added a mechanism to detect extra mkexts/kexts before loading the kernelCache
126- Moved smp code to Erich Boleyn's smp-imps (not fully implemented yet)
127- Added the UseKernelCache option only for compatibility with the trunk ("Yes" have no effect, since it's the default),
128 the Flag "-F" which do the same things is still valid
129- Re-worked SSDT generation, and merged with the Bits's code
130- Removed aml_generator from AcpiCodec, now use acpicode.c to generate aml file
131- Added YellowIconFixer module
132- Merged fsb detection with Bits's code in cpu.c (slightly faster)
133- Fixed a bug related to ACPI in AcpiCodec (thanck to StephN666 for testing)
134- Fixed a bug related to ACPI and the machine with a rsd table revision > 0 (acpi_tools.c) (thanck to StephN666 for testing)
136- Applied Andy Vandijck's Nehalem (i5/i9) spoof to kernelpatcher
137- Fixed an issue with kernelPatcher, it seems that kernelPatcher is unable to patch the kernelCache
138- Applied some fixes from the trunk
139- Applied many under the hood fixes
140- Added Andy Vandijck's Server spoof
141- Added a Patch from Andy Vandijck in SMBiosPatcher and SMBiosGetters
142- Added a Patch from Netkas in GraphicEnabler (ati.c)
143- Fixed an issue where the GUI module couldn't find the themes directory
144- Fixed an issue where the GUI module failed to display the GUI
145- Added AcpiCodec module
146- Re-wrote ACPI code in fake_efi.c
147- Fixed a bug with AcpiPatcher when built with xcode4
148- Optimized AcpiPatcher code
149- Minor change of SMBIOS code in fake_efi.c
150- Applied some changes to the CPU detection
151- Fixed Pict-FailedBoot allocation
152- Board-id fix is now handled by the smbios modules
154- Added boot-args in the device tree
155- Added BootCLUT and Pict-FailedBoot
156- Added Board-id spoof
157- Fixed kernelcache loading with 10.5, 10.6 and 10.7
158- Added Lion Compatibility
160- Re-enabled Ignore Boot File Flag option , now "-B"
161- Fixed a bug in get_PM_Profile(), where the function return the profile 0 = 'Unspecified' when the facp is incorrect or not found, and so, override the
162 PM type set by the cpu features
163- Added new drop acpi table mechanism, now it's really able to drop any tables
164- BootHelp is not anymore embed by default in the bootloader core, if you need the help at boot time, just install your BootHelp.txt in /Extra/ (for now GUI module still embed it)
165- Fixed the HelloWorld module (broken since i have increased module hook arguments number)
167- "-F" now mean do not use prelinked kernel
168- Fixed embedtheme resolution, random theme chooser now also include embedtheme in the list (if the GUI is compiled with the embedtheme option),
169 also fixed a potential memory leak in randomTheme()
170- Fixed a bug in modules.c introduced in the previous versions, the booloader should now load correctly
171 with or without modules
172- Boot helper support (raid) is now an option (992 bytes saved)
173- Fixed an issue where the prelinked kernel can't be found (the bootloader should now be fully compatible with the kextcache command line tool).
174 (Also merged both adler32 function previously located in drivers.c and boot.c into one (adler32) located in boot.c)
175- returned to malloc by default, instead of safe_malloc, safe_malloc(+1280 bytes) is now an option (as in revolution 616+)
176- APM support is now optional (704 bytes saved)
177- Fixed add_symbol function
178- Increased module hook arguments number to 6
179- Added Kabyl's pci subsystem id patch
180- Added Kabyl's smbios implemention (SMBiosGetters, see Kabyl's branch.) as a module (legacy smbios implementation (SMBiosPatcher) have been also rewritten as a module)
181- Added valv's experimental amd support in CPUFreq module (untested)
182- Added Slice's smbios_patcher fix
183- Increased Booter Log size according to the chameleon trunck (thanck to Azimutz)
185- Added BSD (OpenBSD and FreeBSD) support (Credits to: nawcom, valv)
186- moved hibernation and ramdisk into modules
187- Added a keyboard mapper module
188- Added CPUFreq module (Credits to: valv, cparm)
189- Added a random theme chooser in the GUI module
190- Added Slice's mobile detection fix
191- Added mozodojo's coreI fix in acpi patcher
192- Applied many fixes and optimizations to the core
193- Moved to meklort's core architecture
194- Added Andy Vandijck's Full ACPI tables override and ACPI V1 to V4 conversion patch
197- Added Booter Log Dump Tool
198- Added Booter message Logging (":/boot-log" ioreg property)
199- Removed obsolete -f option, use -x instead
200- Removed -x32 option, use arch=i386 instead
201- Added automatic SMBusspeed detection for lga1156 core i5/7 cpus
202- Added new iMac11,1 sbios default model for lga1156 core i5/17 mobos
203- md0 code. Notified xnu when an md ramdisk is specified
204- Added rollover image support for selected device icons.
205 Use device_<type>_o.png in theme folder. Credits goes to Blackosx.
206- Revisited theme resource embedding. Using the device_<type> icons are optional with
207 the exception of device_generic.
208- Optimized memory detection speed
209- Added displaying source device and partition number for file read operations.
210- Increased boot2's maximum size from 383.5k to 447.5k.
211 Updated stage 1 loaders for handling the new size limit.
212- Added alternate format for setting the default partition. The user can specify the selected
213 volume UUID for the "Default Partition" key.
214- Implemented SPD memory automatic detection and injection,seems to work really great ...
215- Factorized code to prepare a dynamic memory detection algorithm ...
216- Optimized smbios table address search
217- Optimized cursor spinout in textmode if no verbose mode is set
218- Added ram table structures definitions
219- Added getSmbios() a param permitting to select between orig and new smbios entries
220- Changed "Default Partition" behaviour to accept only native system volumes or foreign partitions.
221- Added NVIDIA new NVCAP customization support and support for ION gfx cards from aserebln
222- Added ATI new framebuffers support and new cards from PCEFI10.6
223- improved ACPI file search algo by implementing a cache.
224- Nvidia injection fix
225- pciroot would not always return correct uuid in autodection mode
226- Fixed the hibernation problem in boot2/resume.c
227- Fixed all new booter versions with SystemType would override the facp value even if correct,
228 now keeps the facp value if correct and no override has been done, implemented a best effort algo.
229 for maximizing the chance to get the most correct value before we decide to use a fixed value (1=desktop)
230- Fixed display cosmetics of UUID, now a convert.c file contains all
231 conversions api, to be completed by function that we should reuse.
233- Fixed SystemType would be always forced to a value, now optionally changed
234 only if ovveriden
235- Kept SystemID as the only option to change manually the system-id
236 For theses reasons, SystemId from bootConfig and SMUUID from smbiosConfig aer now DEPRECATED.
238- Integrated JrCs fadt patch (kept for RC5 the existing DSDT.aml retry algo that disapeared in his patch, should be more discussed for RC6)
239- Added JrCs modified convention name change to coding_standards
240- Now malloc (ex. MALLOC in Asere patch) is renamed malloc(size) and is an alias
241 to safe_malloc(size, file, line) with _FILE_ and _LINE_ prerocessor definitions
242- Added a new 'Rename Partition Feature', now permitting to rename partition
243 like 'System reserved' to a more meaningful name
244- Added SystemID option permitting to change the System UUID to a fixed value.
245- Added the PciRoot autodetection feature imported from pcefi10.5
246- Added automatic "system-id" injection from dmi bios, also compatible
247 with SystemID boot option and former SMUUID from smbios,plist
248- Added "system-type' automatic injection (1=Desktop) plus override possibility
249 with the new system-type option in bootConfig
250- Added SMserial and SMproductname new options for smbios.plist
251- Merged with asere patch, while keeping my fake_efi.c changes, and adding a new
252 stringForKey() API, also changed the DT__XXXX() set of functions
253 to handle const char * values instead of char*.

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