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Source at commit 2267 created 6 years 2 months ago.
By ifabio, WIP: Uptating KernelPatcher module.
tree branches 6 years 5 months 2264 macman: Added support for Intel HD Graphics 2500, Intel HD Graphics 4600, Intel HD Graphics 4600 Mobile, Intel HD Graphics 5000. Added two new boot keys IGPlatformID=[value] to allow for overriding default Intel HD Graphics Platform ID and IGPEnabler=Yes/No to allow for Intel HD Graphics injection with GraphicsEnabler=No.
tree tags 7 years 3 months 2109 meklort: Tag 2.1 release, bump svn to 2.2
tree trunk 6 years 2 months 2267 ifabio: WIP: Uptating KernelPatcher module.

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