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Source at commit 2525 created 6 years 2 months ago.
By ifabio, sync with trunk (r.2524)
tree branches 6 years 2 months 2525 ifabio: sync with trunk (r.2524)
tree tags 6 years 4 months 2421 ifabio: Tag 2.2 release, bump svn to 2.3
tree trunk 6 years 2 months 2524 ifabio: saio_types.h, biosfn.c - minor typo in bios-defined data structure that isn't actually used. fake_efi.c - eliminate redundant scan of bt(0,0) in setupSmbiosConfigFile. loadConfigFile already does a fall-back scan of bt(0,0), so another scan isn't needed. sys.c - While scanning a volume, getOSVersion looks for 5 files and switches back-n-forth between hd(X,Y)/....SystemVersion.plist on the newly scanned volume and bt(0,0)/hd(X,Y)/...SystemVersion.plist - which is an invalid path - should always return an error.

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