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tree artwork 6 years 5 months 2455 ifabio: Add Recovery Icons for chameleon UI. (Courtesy of blackosx)
tree Chameleon.xcodeproj 6 years 3 months 2533 ifabio: Update Chameleon.xcodeproj
tree doc 6 years 3 months 2528 ifabio: Add turning off USB legacy for XHCI (XHCILegacyOff) credits to Zenith432
tree i386 6 years 1 month 2632 zenith432: Protect timing code in scan_cpu() from interrupts, use bios for sleep()
tree package 6 years 1 month 2594 zenith432: Sync with trunk (r.2593)
blob APPLE_LICENSE 11 years 3 months 1 zef: Created base layout and initial import to trunk using r687. 19.83 kB
blob BLOCKERS 9 years 9 months 1172 meklort: Updated Blockers file. Will be migrated to forge's issues page soon. 777 bytes
blob Cconfig 9 years 10 months 881 meklort: Remove dependencies on system inlcudes. Mkaefile system reworked. Makefile system now uses the kconfig utility from linux to configure thing such a debug support, modules, embeded theme, etc. NOTE: selecting modules in the configuration currently does nothing, however it will soon alow you to compile modules directly into chameleon is so desired 88 bytes
blob CHANGES 6 years 1 month 2629 zenith432: Sync with trunk (r.2628) 16.41 kB
blob coding_standards.txt 11 years 3 months 23 rekursor: Merged modifications from my branch to trunk as requested by Zef. This includes asere patch with few modifications /bug fixes. Included JrCs coding standard name convention change. See CHANGES file for details. 2.62 kB
blob CREDITS 6 years 3 months 2532 ifabio: Add sectorsize utility by Micky1979 see: 601 bytes
blob GPL_V2_LICENSE 10 years 8 months 231 rekursor: Added a full copy of GPL V2 license and fixed a typo in the README file 18.09 kB
blob Make.rules 6 years 6 months 2408 ifabio: - Temp disable klibc module, silence output, add --no-print-directory, replace \t with tab. 5.24 kB
blob Makefile 6 years 4 months 2510 ifabio: correct typo for removed file, update credits 5.19 kB
blob MEMTEST86_LICENSE 10 years 8 months 226 rekursor: New pci mem detection handling oc speed 1.25 kB
blob README 10 years 8 months 231 rekursor: Added a full copy of GPL V2 license and fixed a typo in the README file 382 bytes
blob README.translators 9 years 1 month 1855 jrcs: Update buildpkg script to translate automaticaly the project 1.27 kB
blob TODO 8 years 8 months 2047 cparm: Added a workaroud for Xcode 4.4.x compatibility 3.71 kB
blob version 6 years 6 months 2422 ifabio: Bump svn to 2.3. 7 bytes

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