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File Age Rev Message Size
blob bdmesg.c 9 years 1 month 815 azimutz: Merging working folder, round 1 (not in a working state). 824 bytes
blob dyldsymboltool.c 9 years 2 months 771 meklort: Added dyldsymboltool for initial module support. Initial pretty print for utils makefile 5.10 kB
blob machOconv.c 10 years 5 months 23 rekursor: Merged modifications from my branch to trunk as requested by Zef. This includes asere patch with few modifications /bug fixes. Included JrCs coding standard name convention change. See CHANGES file for details. 3.93 kB
blob Makefile 9 years 1 month 818 azimutz: Fixed compilation issues. Removed most of the "pretty print"; breaks "make -s"(silent) which i like way better; will play with this later. On to testing... i already know the outcome, just taking the chance to document it. (still not in a working state). 1.98 kB

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