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Oct 31, 2010
5 years 11 months Went back to the EFI script from Scrax's branch as it was working, then re-added the extra bits from the standard script it my branch. This is still under development but I am happy the EFI FAT install is now working.
Commit 199, by blackosx
Oct 29, 2010
5 years 11 months A tweak at the top and to the last steps of both changed scripts. I have just concentrated on getting the Chameleon booter files installed for now, i'll look more at the Extensions, Buildpackage and Resources once I'm happy with the main code.
Commit 198, by blackosx
5 years 11 months Revised the EFI script in the same way I did the standard script. It's currently untested. Also made a change to the logic for making partition active on both scripts.
Commit 197, by blackosx
5 years 11 months Just making sure the active flag is set for the partition being installed to.
Commit 196, by blackosx
5 years 11 months After some reading and learning I have made some annotations, changes and additions to the standard install script. It will now install boot0 or boot0hfs dependent on what it finds on your hard drive. Only tested so far on GPT and GPT/MBR, with both
Commit 195, by blackosx
Oct 24, 2010
5 years 11 months Create a new branch from scrax's branch
Commit 194, by blackosx
Oct 20, 2010
6 years 2 days re-upload scrax's "boot" scripts
Commit 193, by ErmaC
6 years 2 days update Spanish and Chinese
Commit 192, by ErmaC
6 years 2 days clean "bad" script
Commit 191, by ErmaC
Oct 18, 2010
6 years 3 days update same changes from commit 188
Commit 190, by ErmaC
6 years 3 days clean
Commit 189, by ErmaC
6 years 4 days mach official trunk i386(580) delete the Icon.icns now is a folder icon edit buildpkg/dumpkg/advanced Update Polish and German edit postinstall for Standard boot0/boot0hfs with pre/post flight edit postinstall script for post.pkg
Commit 188, by ErmaC
Oct 15, 2010
6 years 7 days edit the 4th script again add both fdisk & fdisk440. set fdisk440 only for boot0hfs
Commit 187, by ErmaC
Oct 14, 2010
6 years 8 days Update German localizable.strings Merge the scrax's script for FAT-HFS-StandardHFS-Standard test for background transparency w/o scaling
Commit 186, by ErmaC
Oct 13, 2010
6 years 9 days Some minus update. - Update localizable.strings for German - Update localizable.strings for Spanish - Add "dummy" script, also "dummy" for main make
Commit 185, by ErmaC
Oct 10, 2010
6 years 11 days missed file for this language. Chinese is now update
Commit 184, by ErmaC
6 years 11 days missed file for this language.
Commit 183, by ErmaC
6 years 11 days missed file for this language.
Commit 182, by ErmaC
6 years 11 days missed file for this language.
Commit 181, by ErmaC
6 years 11 days Add mint theme. restored bullet theme. update Polish language update Spanish language Add Chinese language Create a "dummy" folder for a "dummy pkg" language test reason... or maybe I don't need it
Commit 180, by ErmaC

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