Issue 335: VoodooSDHC can't write big file and has problem with sleep

Reported by Alex Auditore, Mar 13, 2013

Hello my system is Mountain Lion 10.8.2.
I made VoodooSDHC of this sources in Xcode for Mountain Lion
It can't write files greater than 30Mb
If my computer go to sleep with SD card, system wakes up but 
cardreader stops working . But without the SD card, the computer 
couldn't wake up.

Comment 1 by Sergey Lvov, Jun 28, 2014

It seems I have found a workaround for the problem with writing:
1. In doAsyncReadWrite I use smaller portions to send them to 
2. In refactored function waitIntStatus.

I checked these changes on my 16 Gb Transcend flash card and didn't 
found any problems.

PS: I don't have problems with sleep at all, so I didn't try to fix 

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