Issue 228: Fix for out of sync TSC after sleep/wakeup.

Reported by Cosmosis Jones, Mar 5, 2012

The attached patch fixes TSC related issues after sleep/wakeup on my 
IBM T60. If you experience video/audio stuttering and/or periodic 
crashes of different software with EXC_I386_DIV (divide by zero) 
errors in __gettimeofday(), using this patch might help you too.  A 
precompiled binary kext is attached as well.

Comment 1 by Cosmosis Jones, Mar 5, 2012

Comment 1 by turbo4d, May 17, 2011

hey bgm, how's it going?  Oddly enough, the original version of this 
driver had resync on wake for my T61, but cosmo didn't have this 
problem with his Dell so it was removed at some point along the 
way...  :\

This fix isn't 100% because sometimes a gettimeofday() call will be 
made at wakeup before the TSC sync happens.  I have another driver 
that uses the pmDispatch callbacks to sends an IPI to the boot 
processor as soon as the slave is started to trigger a sync.  That 
does work 100%, but you can't use it with 

Give me a shout if you're interested in discussing further.

Created: 7 years 7 months ago by Cosmosis Jones

Updated: 7 years 7 months ago

Status: Fixed