Issue 113: fix mtrr for core i7 cpus

Reported by Al Schar, Jul 13, 2011

Chameleon takes around 3-5 minutes to boot osx in verbose mode with 
my x58 core i7 install. I  don´t have this issue with p35 or p45 
chipset and neither with efi bootloader xpc.

Comment 1 by Cosmosis Jones, Jul 18, 2011

Comment 2 by Cosmosis Jones, Jul 18, 2011

so i have an x58 chipset and do not have this problem. Have u 
verified your bios is up to date? It would appear that the bios 
initialized memory incorrectly.

We dont' even have mtrr code at all in chameleon, so it's not really 
fixing, it'd be adding.

But we'll keep it open
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Comment 3 by Cosmosis Jones, Jul 18, 2011

So after further discussion .. i'm an idiot and didn't realize you 
were referring to graphics mode.
So yes i have this same problem.

the issue is that the mtrr has the video memory set to the wrong 
cache mode
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Comment 4 by Cosmosis Jones, Jul 18, 2011

so KEY for me: Graphics Mode = Yes. -f / -v super slow rendering. 
i've seen this as well on x58

Comment 5 by Macho Salad, Sep 29, 2011

I have the same issue

Sabertooth X58
I7 920

Comment 6 by J M, Feb 4, 2012

Using an P6X58D-E with a core I7-950 here and I'm experiencing the 
same problem (e.g. timeout is set to 5 seconds, but the 
"loading bar" is taking up more time to count back than 
those 5 seconds)

Is there any sight yet  on when this will be fixed/added in 
Chameleon, and does it take a lot of work to implement it?

Anyway, thanks for the great work on Chameleon guys, it's well 
appreciated :D

Comment 7 by Cosmosis Jones, May 8, 2012

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