Issue 12: GUI resolution feedback

Reported by blackosx, Feb 10, 2010

Would it be possible for the booter to give feedback for the screen 
resolution it's chosen to draw the GUI? This will help with resizing 
themes as currently it's a trial an error process to identify the 


Comment 1 by Andy Vandijck, Feb 12, 2010

I've used my implementation and it works great...
Resolution is drawn fine on boot and afterwards I can even get 
CI/QE/OpenGL + Resolution thanks to patch...
Check 1 post back for more info...
@Prasys: I slightly rewrote your patch for GMA to remove warnings... 
working great... thanks for the hard work buddy...

Comment 2 by blackosx, Feb 13, 2010

Hi Andy

I am not sure if you understood my question, but I was enquiring 
about the resolution of the bootloader when it draws the themes, not 
in the Finder. Are you saying you have enabled CI/QE/OpenGL for 
Chameleon's GUI?

I am looking for Chameleon to somehow let the user know which 
resolution (VESA resolution?), from the list in the supported 
resolutions shown in the video modes menu, has been used to draw the 
theme as I understand it will choose the nearest one available from 
the set resolution in the theme.plist.

On a side note though, I have just run 'make' from the files on your 
branch and used them to boot from and I notice that that build was 
based on pre7 where the auto PCIroot detection didn't work for me, 
but rekursor fixed that for pre8 which works great.

Comment 3 by DieBuche, Feb 17, 2010

In gui.c, line 737

u'll have to add smthing in the like of:

dprintf(&gui.screen, "height   %d\n",  
dprintf(&gui.screen, "width   %d\n",  param->width);

Comment 4 by Andy Vandijck, Feb 17, 2010

Maximum resolution for my display (thanks to prasys's EDID reading 
Which is 1280x768x32

Comment 5 by DieBuche, Feb 17, 2010

should be fixed in rev 85.
blackosx, can u confirm this?

Comment 6 by blackosx, Feb 17, 2010

Great. I will have a look. Thanks guys.
Do I need to do anything in particular or just build with 'make', 
install the files and boot?

Comment 7 by DieBuche, Feb 18, 2010

To enable, put 

#define DEBUG 1

into the top of gui.c

Comment 8 by Master Chief, Feb 19, 2010


The indention of the lines you changed is different.  Did you 
perhaps use tabs instead of spaces (or vice versus)?

p.s. It would be nice to have a make option to select the target 
hardware i.e. "desktop" or "notebook" so that 
certain parts can be included or excluded when they are 
wanted/unwanted (the latter based on the model selector).

Comment 9 by blackosx, Feb 19, 2010

Thanks for the continued support with this DieBuche and I can now 
confirm I have successfully compiled with the added #define DEBUG 1. 

But what do I do now? how do I make use of the debug and see the 
screen resolution reported from the revised lines in gui.c?

Comment 10 by blackosx, Feb 19, 2010

Cancel that last post. I have sussed it.
Thanks for all your work. :)

Comment 11 by DieBuche, Feb 19, 2010

it should show, in the boot menu, top-left corner?

Comment 12 by Cosmosis Jones, Jun 2, 2011

if this is still bad reopen
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