Issue 134: Radeon 6370m on Asus x52j black screen problem

Reported by Snake Solid, Jul 30, 2011

Steps to reproduce the problem:
1.Install Hazard Distro 10.6.6i
2.Follow this guide for video card:
3.reboot and use "GraphicsEnabler=Yes" and 
I've test this <fb>:

Expected result:
The screen at right resolution 1366x768
Actual result:
Black screen. But VGA out and HDMI out work properly.
So the driver work but i've a black screen

PS Sorry for my English!!!


Comment 1 by Cosmosis Jones, Jul 30, 2011

We dont' support distros and whatever u did @ is for a 

what is the dev id and subsys id of your card

Comment 2 by Snake Solid, Jul 30, 2011

wait a moment...

Comment 3 by Snake Solid, Jul 30, 2011

On Windows.
ID Hardware:

Comment 4 by Snake Solid, Jul 30, 2011

I try to follow issue from 88 to 91 but i've a black screen and i 
don't know if this problem is fixed.

Comment 5 by Snake Solid, Jul 30, 2011

Any help? When i have a black screen and i attach 2nd monitor with 
for exmple VGA and i press fn+f8 the display of laptop is active but 
in top half screen i have strange things.

Comment 6 by fiox89 F, Jul 30, 2011

Maybe your laptop have 2 video card. I have asus k52jc and i have 
intel hd graphics + nvidia 310M

Comment 7 by Snake Solid, Jul 31, 2011

Windows and Linux shows only one video card.
There is a way to make work this video card on snow leopard?

Comment 8 by Azimutz, Jul 31, 2011

Hi Snake Solid,

i'm sorry but your device id (68E4) is not present on Apple's 
drivers :(
Even if we added the device to the booter, you would still at least 
need to patch ATIRadeonX3000.kext with your device id; that's 
possible, but i only know how to do it on X1000 kext and even 
then... :P

I'm going to close the issue but will still keep an eye on it, in 
case you post something.

Stay safe
Status: WontFix
Owner: azimutz

Comment 9 by Snake Solid, Aug 1, 2011 i can patch ATIRadeonX3000.kext?Do you know?

Comment 10 by Azimutz, Aug 2, 2011

Snake, i answered your question on the previous post :)
You can read my last adventures on this here:

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