Issue 136: FAT32 volumes aren't showing in boot volume selector

Reported by Audio01, Aug 9, 2011

Tried any possible combination of FAT32 volume type (0x0B / 0x0C), 
size and even MBR / GPT format disks, and the FAT32 volume/s never 
show up.

Looking at Chameleon's theme files and a quick look at the source 
code seems that it should be supported (it used to be in previous 

Comment 1 by Cosmosis Jones, Aug 9, 2011

They show up fine for me. Do you have any screen shots, fuill 
layouts of your harddrive information
bdmesg's from your tests?

Comment 2 by JrCs, Oct 22, 2011

Status: AwaitingInformation

Comment 3 by JrCs, Dec 14, 2011

Status: Invalid

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