Issue 148: bdmesg (r1409) output visible during startup only

Reported by nozyczek, Aug 16, 2011

When booted with -v I can see bdmesg output scrolling on my screen 
but when running within OS X it produces only the following:

Chameleon 2.1svn (svn-r1409) [2011-08-16 15:11:49]

Comment 1 by nozyczek, Aug 16, 2011

I just tested it with 
and it is working as expected.

So the above is only true if 

Comment 2 by Evan Lojewski, Aug 17, 2011

Please verify with revision 1411

Comment 3 by nozyczek, Aug 17, 2011

I'm getting compilation errors:

cc1: warnings being treated as errors
gui.c: In function ‘showInfoBox’:
gui.c:1486: warning: ‘text’ is used uninitialized in this function
make[2]: *** 
Error 1
make[1]: *** [all] Error 2
make: *** [all] Error 2

Comment 4 by Evan Lojewski, Aug 17, 2011

Try again with 1414

Comment 5 by nozyczek, Aug 17, 2011

1414 behaves the same as 1409

Comment 6 by Evan Lojewski, Aug 17, 2011

The change I made previously should have only worked for the gui. 
I've modified it so that it should also work with text mode. Let me 
know if 1420+ works.
Status: Accepted

Comment 7 by Cosmosis Jones, Aug 17, 2011

Labels: Target:2.1

Comment 8 by nozyczek, Aug 18, 2011

With r1420 I can now see bdmesg during startup as well as with in 
OSX after it fully loads.

Here is one problem. 
If I preview during startup using [space] and do q at some point 
(don't go all the way) I will not be able to see full ./bdmesg 
within OSX. I will only be presented with the part that I previewed 
during startup.

If I "q" at the begging or if I preview all the way using 
"spacebar" I will see full ./bdmesg while within OSX.
I hope this make sense.

Comment 9 by Cosmosis Jones, May 8, 2012

Status: WontFix

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